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Will AI replace the real estate agent? Well ... not exactly. The better question to ask (at least for the next few years) is how will AI help real estate agents and ISAs better serve their clients? In this interview, Nate Joens, the CEO and co-founder of a company called Structurely, discusses how they're using AI to transform the process of cultivating leads. Structurely is helping prospective real estate customers in text discussions, up to the point the customer is ready to begin working with a live agent. Joens shares how Structurely is ideal for real estate teams, vs. the individual agent. This is probably a good strategy since teams are sweeping the nation in how they leverage resources to run better businesses. I think you'll like hearing what Structurely is up to and you may start to consider how you can be leveraging AI in your business after listening to this episode. Tune in!

Published on Aug 26, 2019 in Technology
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