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In this episode April talks about: ✅ What positioning is, why it’s important in all aspects of marketing, and what she noticed was missing. ✅ The science of positioning and how you can use it to your advantage. ✅ Why it’s slightly harder to position services versus products.

I think the biggest takeaway from April sharing her experience and knowledge is positioning is often a science-based on groups of people and their given assumptions about certain markets. You can use people’s assumptions about these markets (competitors, costs, etc.) to differentiate yourself and give yourself an in.

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Today’s co-host is April Dunford, a positioning consultant and entrepreneur who literally wrote the book on positioning. She’s also an in-demand keynote speaker. While her book, Obviously Awesome, refers to products, most of it can be applied to services, as well — something April talks about in today’s show. She also shares how her loose position affected her trajectory when she first became a consultant.

Published on Aug 27, 2019 in Entrepreneurship
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"Marketing is so much harder than programming. In programming there are rules! But in business, there are no rules. There are principles, and guidelines, but it's looser." – April 👍

4 years ago • Reply

That was a favorite line of mine.

4 years ago • Reply


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