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Time to Geek Out with Matt Navarra and co-host Martin SFP Bryant in this interview with Sara Haider from Twitter. Be sure to stay to the end for some pro tips for using the Twitter mobile app.

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Twitter’s Director, Product Management, Sara Haider chats to hosts Matt Navarra and Martin SFP Bryant. We find out the latest on the much-requested edit button; the state of play with Twitter’s verification program; how product design can aid positive mental health; Martin pitches Sara his idea for a standalone DMs app, and Matt tries his hardest to uncover Twitter’s Konami code (they must have one, right?).

Matt and Martin also talk over the week’s news and share the latest tests and tools you need to know about.

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News stories:

Now Facebook says it may remove Like counts

Viral Deepfake App ZAO Sparks Mass Downloads, Memes and Major Concerns

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked

Twitter disables tweeting via SMS after CEO gets hacked

Apply to use Twitter’s prototype app Twttr here.

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Published on Sep 05, 2019 in Tech News
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