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I thought it would take Jon and me five years to get to where Transistor is at now. There have been some tough stretches since we launched. But looking back on it now, I can't believe what we've achieved since August 2018.

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Justin Jackson (@mijustin) has spent a lifetime as an entrepreneur, working on products, hosting podcasts, running communities, creating courses, and more. But it wasn't until he created his newest business, Transistor, that he fully realized the power that comes from choosing the right market as a founder. Justin joined me on the podcast to talk about the advantages of solving a straightforward problem, the importance of finding the truth in the early days, and why it might be worth it to wait for the right idea for the right market.

Transcript, speaker information, and more: https://www.indiehackers.com/podcast/118-justin-jackson-of-transistor

Published on Sep 16, 2019 in Entrepreneurship
US English


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