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Scott Galloway, NYU professor and NYT bestselling author, argues in favor of regulatory action against the Big Four of Big Tech: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google.

The very first of many to come from the Morning Brew team! Check it out and see how the show balances pretty complex topics and still has fun.

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Breaking up Big Tech: everyone’s talking about it, but is anyone actually doing anything about it? Scott Galloway—NYU professor, NYT bestselling author, owner of the world’s most colorful vocabulary—has some ideas.

Galloway argues on Business Casual that Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple are “invasive species”—species robbing the everyday consumer of everything from a functioning democracy to their mental health. And forget about seed funding or innovation if you’re an entrepreneur. As Galloway sees it, the DOJ and FTC need to step in. Because after all, if Tom Brady (or Mark Zuckerberg) is allowed to cheat...he will.

Plus, Scott makes a bold prediction about Morning Brew’s future and offers “the only investment advice you ever need.”

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Published on Sep 23, 2019 in Business News
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