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2:29 - Conscious mentorship versus unconscious mentorship.
6:45 - We discuss the differences in mentoring across cultures.
8:57 - Apprenticeship versus mentorship and the origin of the term "mentor".
14:04 - How a mentor can help with professional socialization in a new job or work environment.
17:12 - March's experience working with a mentor for help with his sales and marketing strategy in his new business venture.
19:20 - How a mentor - mentee relationship evolves over time. 
21:42 - Darren shares how his dad has been a valuable mentor for him by explaining "how the game is played" in whatever situation he was faced with.
24:58 - Ian reflects on how most of the mentorship he's experienced has been the unconscious type.
28:10 - The importance of the trust boundary in the mentor-mentee relationship.
31:44 - The art of asking good questions and Ian's resolution to find something interesting about everyone he encounters.
36:10 - The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier
43:10 - The different types of mentors and how they each help with something different.
45:15 - Ian makes a reference to Frazier. 📺
46:44 - Different ways to structure a mentor relationship.
52:40 -Different specialty organizations that offer mentor opportunities.
59:20 - We preview the aspects we will cover in Part 2.

Published on Jul 22, 2019
US English


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