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Enjoyed this episode - wild to hear from someone who had committed so much fraud talk about it so openly.

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“Everyone in America has had their identity stolen already,” Frank Abagnale said. He would know. He’s a con artist. Well, used to be. He retired. But 50 years ago, Frank was one of the most wanted men in the U.S. And in 2002, Steven Spielberg made a movie about him called “Catch Me If You Can,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, Frank has a new life teaching people how to protect their identity. And avoid all kinds of scams (romance scams, go fund me scams, investing scams, etc.) And he wrote a book with all these tips called “Scam Me If You Can: Simple Strategies to Outsmart Today's Rip-off Artists”.


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Published on Oct 01, 2019 in True Crime
US English


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