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Good insight not the LA comedy scene and lots of other funny stories.

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TMD catches up with our tallest guest to date, live from LA on the (new) call in hotline, co-producer of The Big Show from the world famous Improv in Hollywood, breakfast sandwich good guy, the only person we know who has gotten stitches from a Bird Scooter accident, and a bad a** stand up comedian,  the one and only Jahan Djo.   We chat about what's its like trying to crack the LA comedy scene, why people don't stop to help a bloody tall guy laying on the street in Santa Monica, and what's its like to have disappointed parents.   Its a good time...listen to find out what happened to that breakfast sandwich. 

You can follow Jahan @jahan_djokes on Insta, and if in Los Angeles, check out The Big Show at the Improv. on select Thursday...keep an eye out.    

Published on Oct 05, 2019 in Comedy Interviews
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