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Today, I’m talking with Kevin McArdle, Co-Founder and CEO of SureSwift Capital, a fund that creates optimal business exits for dynamic, transaction-based SaaS companies.   I first heard of SureSwift through MicroConf as they have been a long-time sponsor there. I knew they had bought Storemapper from Tyler Tringas and done a few other deals, but I didn’t quite realize the scale of the business until I dug into it more. Kevin and his team have purchased more than 30 business in just 3 years, which is a wild number, especially when you consider they typically take a buy-and-hold approach. In our chat, we dive into how Kevin and his team have scaled up so quickly, what systems they have in place that allow them to manage this many companies, and what the future looks like for SureSwift Capital. One of the biggest things holding back companies from growing, or at least growing without making the founder go insane, is a lack of systems. You probably won’t need the same systems as somebody managing dozens of companies, but seeing his approach is sure to help improve how you approach your own business.

Published on Jun 25, 2019 in Technology
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