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Growth is fundamental to a company's survival. To complete in today's business environment, it is vital for companies to implement powerful strategies that drive healthy sustainable growth.  Successfull growth stategires statrt with a methodical framework tailored to your product and target audience that will drive both users & revenue.  

What does growth actually mean in 2019? Is growth something that is driven in marketing, product or sales? In this episode of the growth equation we bring in Sammy Halabi, Growth Manager at Wave Financial where he talks about the following: 

- What is growth? 
- How do you build growth teams?  
- How do you think about implementing the experimentation process within your company? 
-  How do you prioritize experiments? 
- What is the key to successful of driving growth for an organization? 
- What metrics are the most important for growth? 

Published on Oct 04, 2019 in Entrepreneurship
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