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Mubashar Iqbal - infamously known as Mubs - is one of the most prolific side-project builders online and even earned the prestigious Product Hunt "Maker of the Year" award. He currently boasts over 80 side-projects including the viral 'Will Robots Take my Job?' microsite - gaining more than 14 million views before it was acquired. We chat about immigrating to America, his love for football, partnership equity, building MVP's and how he keeps side-projects fun!

Published on Jul 04, 2019 in Entrepreneurship
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Thanks for hunting this Graeme!

Rob does a great job on Yo! He spends a lot of time researching the guests and asking great questions they are in a good position to answer.

Hope you all enjoy the episode, happy to answer any questions you might have.

2 years ago • Reply

Ah yeah I love Rob's hosting, really good style and questions. Episode is great, I've just listened to bits so far - was cool to hear more about your background and approach to turning ideas into apps!

2 years ago • Reply


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