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David interviews Ryan Holiday, author of many books such as "Ego Is The Enemy", "Stillness Is The Key", and "The Obstacle Is The Way".

Ryan talks about his interactions with Peter Thiel, some of the context around his earlier books, and what's changed now that he is a father.

Quick wins:

  • "If you're reading what everyone else is reading, you're thinking what everyone else is thinking."
  • Ryan studies History not because of the need to be factually correct, but to study why certain events happen and understand the lessons learned from them.
  • As a father (parent) your job is to simply be there and guide and educate your child. Stillness is part of the job, and it helped inspire his latest book.

Lots of great stuff in this episode. Check it out!

Episode details

My guest today is Ryan Holiday.

He’s a writer, media strategist, and the author of ten books. He dropped out of college at 19 years old to apprentice under Ryan Greene, author of Mastery and The 48 Laws of Power. He worked at American Apparel and founded an agency called Brass Check.

We begin this episode talking about two stories from Ryan’s book, Stillness is the Key. One is about Michael Jordan and the other is about Winston Churchill. Then we transition into new topics. We talk about the philosophy of stoicism, the benefits and drawbacks of anger, and what Ryan has learned from Peter Thiel.

Please enjoy my conversation with Ryan Holiday.

Published on Oct 21, 2019 in Books
US English


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