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Revisiting the amazing Star Trek: Voyager series, a few decades later is always fun and The Voyager Conspiracy was a hidden gem along the way...

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The Voyager Conspiracy, Season 6, Episode 9 - Photonic fleas, be free! In this episode, Australian engineer and podcaster John Chidgey comes aboard to make the case for The Voyager Conspiracy (S6E9) as one of the must-watch Voyager episodes on Jean’s Voyager Viewer’s Guide. He argues that it is a crucial moment in the relationship between Captain Janeway and Seven Of Nine, whereas Jean labeled it as a “skip, unless you’re interested.” (Bonus: there are some great moments for Janeway-Chakotary shippers.)

Host Jean MacDonald with John Chidgey.

Published on Oct 02, 2019 in TV Reviews
US English


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