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In this episode, I’m speaking with Mubashar (Mubs) Iqbal. I stumbled across Mubs on Twitter, and immediately wanted to talk to him on my podcast.

Mubs was Product Hunt’s maker of the year in 2016, and has been the runner up a bunch of other times.

He is what you can only describe as a MAKER. He’s built and developed a countless number of websites and apps, which we’re talking about in this episode. Most recently, he developed an app called PodHunt, that allows people to submit and find new and exciting podcast episodes.

He’s already garnered over 600 users in only a few months, and it’s growing rapidly. We’re talking about a bunch of different topics in this episode, including his involvement with Product Hunt and how he won Maker of the Year, his most popular projects, and he also gives some tips on how non-coders can get idea and projects off the ground.

This was a really fun episode. Mubs is extremely talented, he’s fun, down to earth, and most importantly, a great person. I hope you enjoy our chat!

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Published on Oct 22, 2019 in Entrepreneurship
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