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Interview begins: 6:15 Debrief begins: 47:49 Everett Berry is the CEO and founder of Perceive, an experience-analysis computer vision software designed to give companies an automated method for analyzing business in a physical space. Everett began forming his idea for Perceive six years ago during his freshman year in college when he would peruse the campus's video feeds. Having since received several grants for his company, Everett currently runs Perceive out of Indianapolis and hopes to expand his team in the near future. Everett discusses his insights on the recent changes in the events, retail, and restaurant businesses and how Perceive is providing companies an efficient and dynamic analysis of their customer experience through video analytics. We discuss: - Ad: Improved methods to sourcing talent and finding new possible colleagues (4:58) - Challenges in computer vision, AI, and what Perceive does (8:05) - Perceive's story of becoming a company (14:55) - NSF SPIR grant (16:25) - Commercial application of Perceive and monitoring customers (19:25) - Analytics and company personalization (27:37) - Business model (31:52) - Events, restaurants, retail, and customer experience (34:36) - Perceive's clientele (39:49) - Future growth (41:45) Perceive was founded in 2015 and based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Learn more about Perceive: https://www.perceiveinc.com/ Follow upside on Twitter: https://twitter.com/upsidefm Take the listener survey: https://upside.fm/survey Check out the Midwest Startup Rankings: https://midweststartups.com/cities/ -- This episode is sponsored by Integrity Power Search, the #1 full stack high growth startup recruiting firm between the coasts. They partner with venture capitalists, private equity groups and CEOs to build amazing teams for the world’s most disrupting companies. Learn more about or get in touch with Integrity Power Search: https://upside.fm/integrity

Published on Oct 30, 2019 in Business
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