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What a wonderful interview with Simon talking about his career journey working in SEO with serious steps back in time to the glory days of Webmasters in the 90s.

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We chat with UK technical SEO Simon Cox. Simon is the founder of Cox & Co Creative along with his wife. 

He is a web standards evangelist, content management specialist, amateur bread baker, member of the LondonEErs ExpressionEngine Group and a founding member of the Croydon Creatives social group.

We cover his early days as a graphic designer, explore how he turned into a technical SEO during his 20 years within the banking industry, and discuss his recent transition to owning his own company. 

We also react to the new page speed reports in Google Search Console and other SEO news, and deep dive on replatforms, redesigns, and website migrations.

Published on Oct 28, 2019 in Technology
US English


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