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Kirill was recording his own podcast when the idea of a digestible clip of his podcast he thought friends would appreciate without listening to the whole podcast...and there @smashnotes was born. Listen to the podcast to find out more!!!

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When Founder Kirill Zubovsky was hosting his own podcast RadDad, he realized not all of the material would suit a listener entirely. Kirill pondered how could he share a snippet of his podcast to friends that would find that particular snippet of interest. And there Smashnotes was born! A place where podcasts are broken down into manageable bite-sized pieces and can be listened to over a quicker period of time. In this Milestonehackers podcast episode, we dive into the topics of creating a startup, trying to better understand users, and not to rush things too quickly. 

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Published on Nov 12, 2019 in Business
US English


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