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Interview begins: 6:49 Debrief begins: 47:27 Ellie Symes is the co-founder and CEO of The Bee Corp. The Bee Corp is a a startup focusing on improving and creating sustainable methods for commercial bee pollination. Based in Indianapolis, The Bee Corp offers commercial beekeepers and growers a technical application called Verifli that tracks beekeeping strategies at a quick and cost-effective rate. Ellie and her co-founder began the idea for the company after starting a beekeeping club in college. They have since received two grants to continue their passion for creating sustainable solutions for the environment. We discuss: - Ad (5:26) - Ellie's beekeeping experience (11:55) - Natural vs commercial hives (14:47) - Business progression from a college club (17:59) - Overview of beekeeping industry and how Verifli fits in (19:22) - Verifli cost-effectiveness (29:14) - Bee endangerment and the future of beekeeping (33:20) - Verifli app walk-through (36:57) - Market network (39:40) - Bee Corp's older business model (42:09) - Indianapolis location (43:54) - Upside Listener Survey (46:14) The Bee Corp was founded in 2016 and based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Learn more about The Bee Corp: https://www.thebeecorp.com/ Follow upside on Twitter: https://twitter.com/upsidefm Take the listener survey: https://upside.fm/survey -- This episode is sponsored by Integrity Power Search, the #1 full stack high growth startup recruiting firm between the coasts. They partner with venture capitalists, private equity groups and CEOs to build amazing teams for the world’s most disrupting companies. Learn more about or get in touch with Integrity Power Search: https://upside.fm/integrity

Published on Nov 13, 2019 in Business
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