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In this episode of the Sales for Founders podcast, your host Louis Nicholls sits down with Baird Hall.

Baird is a founder of two bootstrapped SaaS businesses: Waave.co and Zubtitle.

We dive into the story of how Baird used sales to grow both companies from zero to $50k+ MRR in just a few short years.


  • a real, inside look at what it took to make Wavve's first, tenth, and 50th sale
  • why most cold outreach fails, and how to make sure yours works
  • when (and how) to transition from outbound sales to inbound marketing

... and much more!

You can find Baird on Twitter at @BairdHall - or check out some of his amazing writing on entrepreneurship, sales and marketing at Lofi Ventures.

Finally, make sure to head over to SalesForFounders.com and sign up for actionable, free advice and templates on how to get good enough at sales to grow your own business.

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Published on May 01, 2020 in Entrepreneurship
US English


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