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On this week's weekly uplift. We have to do the fundamental checks first. In order for us to function, basics needs have to be met. If we're not careful we can overlook the obvious, in pursuit of digging for the root of the problem. Our primal need- for control and status. An unconscious decision to satisfy these needs somehow. When these needs are met well, we then are able to focus on long-term goals, feeling emotionally satisfied with ourselves.






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  • Constructing worry in a positive manner
  • Cultivating courage through a change in your mental imagery.
  • Acceptance into substitution
  • Altering past experiences into new ones.
  • And much more.




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It's when you're at the lowest frequency and we're soaking up information subliminal messaging in television shows. Infinite Consciousness Could Be Predetermined As Energy (#20)



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Welcome to your transformation station or transformation. We're tapping into surpassing expectations from the most successful people in the modern-day and honing in on new foresight, methodologies, and clairvoyance. You never knew this is your transformation station with your host, Greg

[00:05:30] Now let's get into,
[00:05:38] you have to have a definition of success. If I could go back, there are not many things that I will go back for, but. What do you do when you lose your purpose? It's okay to struggle. It's okay. That you're not. Okay. I am your host, a rig for Vasa together. We will go on a journey. This show is all about surpassing our internal dialogue.
[00:06:06] We discovering your true identity, honing new foresight. We have a chance to make the world a better place for our children. Starting leaning in the example today and become your future self tomorrow. If you can leave our viewers with some good advice to follow, what would you let them know? These things that you're afraid to do?

[00:06:34] welcome back to your transformation station. Today is your weekly uplift number 21, where we focus on how easy it can be to miss something that later seems all too obvious. Yes, but first off, if he had not subscribed to your transformation station, hit the subscribe button, swing over to iTunes.
[00:07:01] Leave us a review comment. Tell me what, what you've learned. Tell me if you took anything away. I would like to know if I had that great packed on one person. If I can make one person's day and I'm doing my job, I've been overcoming many obstacles facing a lot of bullshit and. I'm here to tell you guys that I'm proud of you.

[00:07:33] I know you guys don't hear that enough. You guys deal with so much and you need to hear it. You need to hear that I'm listening to you and I'm proud of you guys. Unfortunately, it is Monday. And how Monday yeah. Approaches are up to you guys on how this day will play out for you and how it will. And, and I am here today and I will always be for the next 75 years.
[00:08:10] I am fucking motivated. So the secret today's sauce, it's the mystical power to that aura that we all want inside. It's how easy it can be to miss something that later on seems all too obvious.

[00:08:37] Process this, I think about everything in life that you were trying to find the answer to.
[00:08:52] If you react in properly
[00:08:57] this situation, this pressure.
[00:09:09] can you eliminate the skillset that you already possess? You can control you in your ability that you ordinarily have to call upon in order to perform well under pressure, we need to learn a certain skill. Honorary conditions
[00:09:40] and practice them without pressure. We need to learn to react to the crisis with an aggressive, rather than a defensive attitude.

[00:09:58] We need to be able to evaluate. This so-called situation under a pier understanding with clarity, we can't fix the past, but what we can do, and you want to be aware of your motivation and trying to improve yourself. I can personally tell you I am extremely driven and progress and change. My motivation has gotten away in my own reasoning process way too many times that my automatic reactions get jammed up by way too much conscious effort.

[00:10:55] I'm trying too hard, but I don't understand. That's something that I've always thought was the case was all about the effort when it's not, it's not about the effortless is more but doing that. Right. That means when I was in the military, I had to undergo numerous types of situations. And what prepared us for these situations was what we call rehearsals,
[00:11:34] where we will go through battle drills. We will walk through them literally and train and clear in the house. We wouldn't go in there comes blazing. Every single time until we got it right. Train. Like you fight. Yes, that's irrelevant, but it's not applicable to this. When I can tell you that it is, is that we would say slow is smooth.
[00:12:11] Smooth is fast athletes. Do this.
[00:12:21] And it's to practice on there and as little pressure as possible,
[00:12:30] rather than running, we would walk through the door as a fire team to enter in Claire to ensure that we got it right. It didn't make sense at the time. Until it became automatic in situations and future situations.

[00:12:51] And that can be applied in anything it's very transparent. It is a model that we should all be utilizing the secret that I'm bringing you. It lies in the attitude. Of fiercely accepting the challenge and confidently expanding our strength, maintaining that aggressive. Position scribing towards the goal that you want, maintaining an optimistic attitude rather than a defensive one, no matter what happens, you tell yourself I can handle this, or I can see this through rather than hope for something to happen.

[00:13:42] The essence of this idea is the remaining goal-oriented. Keeping your own positive goal in your mind, visualize him in any situation that, you know, you catch yourself feeling the anxiety, starting to get your foot, to tap, needing your eyes to shift and every direction to make sure you're safe, feeling your heart rate arise.
[00:14:15] Right before, you're about to give a speech facing an obstacle that you don't think you're capable of overcoming call up, capture, and call upon this feeling. It's a special feeling. It's a feeling that happened in your past.
[00:14:40] It's a feeling of accomplishment. Look back in your past, the last time you did something extremely well, something powerful, something motivating and visualize every detail of it. Ms. Ally's setting of the environment. Who is there?

[00:15:07] How are you standing? How are you setting? Was your body relaxed?
[00:15:19] Were you comfortable? This confidence healing? That you have gotten after that event was already over with, did it carry over into all your other actions in your ideas, your thought process?
[00:15:45] Of course it did
[00:15:50] rather than worry. About a situation that's coming that hasn't even happened.
[00:16:02] Call upon this previous experience.
[00:16:08] And see the change in your success. If we to look at worry, the uncertainty that we are about to face, how does our thought process go through that? It starts off with all the scenarios, the situation that's going to happen, your biggest fears. If it's a speech, you're going to say something stupid and people are going to think differently with you.

[00:16:44] Something that you're afraid of inside. We'll show and you will become vulnerable. And that is everybody's biggest. Fear is being vulnerable. However, that's the wrong fear to have everybody who shouldn't want to feel vulnerable because once you become vulnerable, you become authentic.
[00:17:13] Everybody you encounter is organic.

[00:17:21] And you start to feel connections. You start to feel real love.
[00:17:32] This is how you cultivate confidence and power within yourself. And anything you do. This is something. That you people have been wanting to know for a long time. This is something that I've been wanting to know for years, but I didn't understand it. And it's how to turn off the anxiety. It's how to turn off the, what if
[00:18:06] remember all these little details of that accomplishment that you made.
[00:18:14] And at that very moment, you will start to feel the feeling of being poised as self-confidence of rising out of view.
[00:18:30] picture it in your head, the very details of how that situation played out. If you could see the expression on the people's faces, you were interacting with, how do they look. Well, they're applauses. Can you remember those
[00:18:51] and watch how the future outcome leads to a successful outcome with sounds? Were there one was about the environment? What else was happening around you at that time? What time of the year it was,

[00:19:18] what was the temperature? How was it on the more details that you can inscribe the better.
[00:19:37] If you can remember this feeling from your past, this will be reactivated into the present. You can find yourself feeling confident. Again, you can find yourself cultivating confidence, all based off past successes, which will lead to new successes. And there will be a continuous cycle to becoming more and more successful.
[00:20:08] Don't force it though. It has to come naturally. And when it comes naturally, it will become automatic. So it has to be gradual. It starts off as a habit. And how our habits form, you all know this just by me, begin to think about it. And thinking about the end result. And as you do, when you worry about your future, it's supposed to happen.
[00:20:41] I'm hoping that well
[00:20:46] it's possible. And then the mental imagery.
[00:20:54] You picture yourself in various situations, these negative possibilities, then you don't want to happen. The more you think about this, the more you imagine this,
[00:21:12] the appropriate feelings of this imagination starts to manifest without even you realizing.

[00:21:25] So, if you can do that with an uncomfortable feeling that you don't want to turn it around and do it with the feeling you do want if you're going to spend so much time and worrying about the outcome of situations when actors do it constructively.
[00:21:53] and that comes down to defining yourself with the most desirable outcome live to the end goal. Remind yourself it can happen. It can.
[00:22:16] not that it will. But only that then they can, but only that it could remind yourself that and after such a good and desirable outcome is possible for you, you are a good person and good things do happen to you
[00:22:46] mentally exempt it.
[00:22:52] And allow these gradual changes to occur. What's interesting with this beautiful key to success is, is actually applicable to applying it to past experiences as a child, these experiences that you hold. Other people accountable rather than yourself, which is a big piece for somebody to people to chew who has accepted it.

[00:23:28] Yeah. It's a big obstacle for those that haven't accepted this or that isn't even aware of it.
[00:23:43] And that is to.
[00:23:48] Understand that the failure feelings inside
[00:23:59] are not your outcomes. They will not be.
[00:24:14] They are only indicated by your own attitude, your outlook on life,
[00:24:30] ripples into you, underestimating your own abilities.
[00:24:38] And overestimating and overestimating. The nature of the difficulty that you're about to face
[00:24:51] is what reactivates your memories of the past failures rather than the memories of your previous. Accomplishments except for these negative things as a challenge, but react aggressively to your own negative advice.

[00:25:14] Remember
[00:25:18] imagery. Consigns with and is appropriate to you. You
[00:25:29] brain recalls and accept what is real, the truth, that to our environment, whenever we feel ourselves experiencing an undesirable. On wanted feelings do not concentrate on that undesirable feeling instead concentrate on positive imagery. Fill your mind with. Something wholesome, positive, whether it's imagination or memory, and in time, this will take care of the negative.
[00:26:26] That is how we control. Worry. That is how we avoid tension.
[00:26:36] And apply that to those previous experiences and look at them with positive imagery. Might've been negative. That may be difficult for you. But it is obtainable
[00:26:55] any, if you can get through that, watch the ripple. It will have on your life. Those negative ceilings will defeat you. They will always defeat you rather than giving them a chance, reinforce the positive imagery and you'll take on the tone and the temperament
[00:27:36] being able to critically think. And assess your current situation
[00:27:45] to that ability that you want, that you think you feel deep down inside somehow cannot.
[00:28:04] This is how you face uncertainty. You get past the dialogue that is bringing you down. You are now able to achieve everything we ever thought you wanted to apply to us in every situation

[00:28:27] you can do anything you want. And you don't want to, you don't want to is because you're afraid.
[00:28:39] You're rationalizing. Why you don't just so you don't have to face it.

[00:28:51] No, we're not doing that anymore.

[00:28:57] And this is your transformation station.

[00:29:03] You've been listening to your transformation station, rediscovering your true identity and purpose on this planet. We hope you enjoyed the show and we hope you've gotten some useful and practical information. Join us weekly on Monday for the YTS challenge and biweekly on Wednesday for the exclusive interviews at 8:00 PM.
[00:29:25] Central time in the meantime, connect with us on Facebook and Instagram at Y T S the podcast we'll be back soon until then. This is your transformation station signing off..

Published on Aug 03, 2020 in Self-Improvement
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