Your Transformation Station

By Gregory Favazza

How To
Social Sciences


Are you tired of listening to advice from the fake experts that sounds too good to be true? Join me, Greg Favazza for real conversations with industry leaders that make sense. I won’t do a ten-minute ad for my upcoming book, won’t talk over my guest when they’re sharing good advice, and I won’t sit by quietly when someone is being fake about their life or sharing something that’s irrelevant, I will call them out. I don’t go into politics, but I will ask the experts your burning questions, like is it normal that I’m staying up until 3 AM again, why did I skip the gym last week, and why the f-ck can’t I stop cussing on my podcast? These questions or some variation of them are what I want to know. The experts of leadership will go into these, and questions like them so that you can stop searching Google for yet another self-help blog. I want you to get that information here, every week on Wednesday, from me. I will share my humor with you, I’ll bring up my military experience, and I’ll relate multiple situations that can be dark, funny or just plain out there. I have featured multiple types of guests, industry experts, unique hobbyists, coaches, former government members, other content creators and even past friends. I want the audience to experience each lesson with me as I’m learning it. I’m embracing my vulnerabilities live in front of you, so that you can learn to embrace yours. How can you create a transformation in others if there’s no transformation in yourself?


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