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Through disproven facts, we continue to falsely consider that our democracy is crumbling at our feet through the misconception of our government's actions. Americans are blind to the reality of inequality, lacking understanding where our legislation thrives on imposition. Injustices only upon ourselves falling under a system of oppression, designed for the richest to be the benefactors of the low end of the economy. Furthering their success more and more as we slowly kill ourselves.  

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Through disproven facts, we continue to falsely consider that our democracy is crumbling at our feet through the misconception of our government's actions. Americans are blind to the reality of inequality, lacking understanding where our legislation thrives on imposition. Injustices only upon ourselves falling under a system of oppression, designed for the richest to be the benefactors of the low end of the economy. Furthering their success more and more as we slowly kill ourselves.  





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Host Greg Favazza:

Co-Host Larry Oliver


What we discussed in today's episode:

  • FOIA log - Most government agencies keep a log of all their public records requests. Those logs are sometimes online, but usually have to be requested through the federal or state public records law.



  • Record Retention Schedule - Most states and local governments have a document detailing how long they must hold on to documents. That document, in turn, provides a good window into all the different types of documents each agency produces. 



  • Master list of forms - Want to know what data an agency keeps? Ask to see the list of forms. Just FOIA all the forms


  • Record Layout - What do those codes mean in the companies database? Those should all be explained somewhere.
  • Manuals/Policies/ Guidelines - Learning how agencies collect info.


  • Rejected License Plates


  • Traffic & Parking Tickets - Most states and local governments will release details on all tickets they have issued.
  • Parking Registration Permits - issued permits for parking
  • Animal Control Reports - Record/log to reports of complaints about animals.
  • Lottery Payments- Detailed lists, showing a cashed in lotto for a set minimum amount
  • Zoo Records - Some zomes are funded by the government
  • Animal Shelter Records - Many animal shelters are run by government agencies, subject to public records laws.
  • Road Kill & Wildlife Records - Some States track sightings of dead wildlife, allowing you to map or analyze that data.


  • Cell Phone-Paid plans for by the government, the detailed bills are public record.
  • Text Messages - In most states, text messages are public records when relation to government business.
  • Consumer Complaint Logs - Consumer protection agencies keep logs of all their complaints received.


  • 911 Response Logs - In most states, 911 transcriptions are public.
  • Calls to a city hotline


  • Emails  - Emails related to government business are usually public. Just be selective about what email request because of the volume of documents can be too large.
  • Browser History - In some states, browser history is public.
  • Meeting Agenda - Many cities will distribute the agenda for government meetings.


  • Meeting Minutes
  • Calendars
  • Government Purchasing Data


  • Government Contracts
  • Expense Reports
  • Credit Card Statements & Receipts
  • Check Registers
  • Payroll Records


  • Records of Settlement Payments by Government
  • Employment Rosters of Government Employer
  • Financial Disclosure Reports


  • Employment Contracts
  • Internal Audit Plan & list/log of Audits


  • Code Enforcement Violations


  • Food Inspection Records
  • Workplace Safety Records




  • Discrimination Employment Complaints
  • Internal Affairs Report Log
  • FBI Files
  • Police Incident Reports
  • Dashcam or Bodycam
  • State Licensing Records
  • School Violence
  • Testing Irregularities & Cheating
  • Logs of Businesses that received aid from key government programs
  • Reports filed by Companies
  • WARN Reports


  • Water Bills
  • Property Tax Records
  • Military
  • Voting
  • Aircraft/Flight


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Consequently, with the rise in legislation through cultural differences in globalization, society remains near sighted as we fail to grasp the big picture. Through disproven facts, we continue to falsely consider that our democracy is crumbling at our feet through the misconception of our government's actions. Americans are blind to the reality of inequality, lacking understanding where our legislation thrives on imposition. Injustices only upon ourselves falling under a system of oppression, designed for the richest to be the benefactors of the low end of the economy. Furthering their success more and more as we slowly kill ourselves. The Absentmindedness Between Media and Propaganda: Target Fixation (#31)


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Differentiating Truth From Fiction, Behind Tomorrows Political Figures (#32)
[00:00:00] self-care begins with self. If you're not, if you're not comfortable within yourself, you can't help anybody else. So when you look at 45, and if you were to figure out one, wonder what narcissism is, just look at 45, so he's got severe issues with himself.
[00:00:21] He's a little inferior, scared individual. His father probably created that within him. So what he does is he comes out like a big fucking bully, and he dies skin orange and has fucking spent $70,000 on haircuts. This term, $70,000 on haircuts. And you're worried about thinning hair and he use his hairdresser.
[00:00:45]cause I'm sure the tax cut for you will enable you to afford a $70,000 hairstylist and a comb-over like you can't believe any shit,
[00:01:00] but here's the scary thing. It's real. Yes. $70,000 out of my ass. That's what he spent on the hairdresser. So Larry, so let's zoom out. Let's rewind. Let's do back to, how can we help our listeners identify and get through all this marketing bullshit and learn who these people are really are. I have.
[00:01:24] 50 sources of information that's been provided from other sources, which I will link all these sources into the sow notes, but I wanted to go over it and read them out with you and see what you think and what you understand about each source. Welcome to your transformation station or transformation.
[00:01:46] We're tapping into surpassing expectations from the most successful people in the modern-day and honing in on new foresight methodologies. And clairvoyance, you never knew this is your transformation station with your host, Greg
[00:02:10] Now let's get into it.
[00:02:18] You have to have. A definition of success. If I could go back, this does not make things that I would go back for, but what do you do when you lose your purpose? It's okay to struggle. It's okay. That you're not okay. I am your host rig for Vasa together. We will go on a journey. The show is all about surpassing our internal dialogue.
[00:02:46] We discovering your true identity. I only knew foresight. We have a chance to make the world a better place for our chip. Starting leaning in the example today and become your future self tomorrow. If you can leave our viewers with some good advice to follow, what would you let them know? These things that you're afraid to do?
[00:03:14] Go blow it. Ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to your transformation [00:03:19] station. I am your host, your one and only . You are just tuning into your transformation station. for those that have subscribed to your transformation station. I appreciate you guys. I appreciate you for tuning in again. Staying relevant, staying consistent.
[00:03:39] I need to do with y'all I'm working at that. I will be there. I will be Supreme. I will be there deluxe. I will be there for you when you need me. For those that have just walked in. Welcome. Take off your coat, fucking turn up the music, and sit down. You're going to do, want to listen to this, our episode.
[00:04:02] This is. An interesting, hilarious, fucking eat. It's going to make you lose your hair. Cause that's what reality is it sets in. It's not a midlife crisis. It's just time and genetics for those that are just tuning in afterward today, I'm going to have you one over. Also, email
[00:04:28] Let me know what I can do for you. If you want to be on the show, let me know. And check out our social media platforms all ending in YTS the podcast from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, the works, you know where to go. I gave you the information. Hope to see you there. Now let's get into today's episode.
[00:04:52] We're tapping into surpassing expectations from the most successful people in the modern-day and honing in a new foresight, methodologies and clairvoyance. You never knew this is your transformation station with your host, Greg. Abaza.
[00:05:15] How goes it? Just crazy and busy. How about you? Oh yeah. You know exactly. It's exactly the same thing with this fucking thinning hair problem. I don't know. It's some nasty shit. you get used to it. I haven't actually shaved. My head in about three or four days, I've been a recluse and I've got wild strands of a beard coming out.
[00:05:44] Button-ups. Nobody sees my cleavage. Oh, I don't have cleavage. Damn, it's. I'm sorry. I just can't look at myself right now. It's something to get used to it. Really? Yes. You can always get like a helmet or a wig, or if now here's something to think about. Just accepted, but like when you do these things, stand on your head and just reverse everything, make it upside down, do your show on your head.
[00:06:17] Nobody can see if you have hair or not. How many other hosts stand on their heads? Fucking, I don't really know anybody that can do that. Is that you? Are we counting you as one of them? that would be four. No shit. Hey, so I [00:06:38] was looking at, I want to try one of these meal delivery services, from online, like every plate blue apron.
[00:06:47] Okay. So have you done that? I'd done the blue apron. That shit. Yeah, Lou pricey, but it is fantastic. I actually, so is everything all prepared and all you do is eat it up the easily open box, and it's just It's everything's all individually package, fresh everything. If it requires half an Apple, there's a fucking Apple in there.
[00:07:11]maybe. Yeah. I don't know. I think the oxygenation will actually dry that fucker out. Yeah know, but it has everything in there. Like where you just rip it apart, throw it, toss everything away and it's good to go. That's pretty good. Always something different every week. It's nothing repetitive.
[00:07:27] And you don't have to tell them what to sand. they sand based on some. yeah. Yeah. Everything's all quiet though. And you wear a blue apron when you prepare and or eat it. You can if you want to go the extra mile and make it more. Literal authentic. Yes, exactly. No. So I actually, I was looking into my hair issue and I noticed it was from all the fucking vaping that I was doing.
[00:07:57] So I looked into it and dug. And then, yeah, there's been so much research that. they said there's no connection, but there's been a ton of reports from people saying that there's hair loss. That's connected with vaping, being lethargic, this nasty, dry it out, feeling in their mouth. Just a lot of shit that I can relate to.
[00:08:19] And, so I just stopped just completely. I have read that there are mixed thoughts relative to some of the things. not necessarily, positive things that are byproducts of vaping, but I would think if you vaped CBD in combination with THC, that, you got some helpful benefits there and that should offset any negative benefits for you.
[00:08:46] A hippie. Larry. Oh yeah. From way back when yeah, I feel like you're high right now. Are you fucking high, Larry? No. No, not yet. I'm still trying to recover from last night. Last night. Yeah. The debate. God, nobody cares about that garbage. and it's a shame that they don't, It's a shame that they don't, but those who didn't watch it, I'm sure are in a far better situation than those of us that actually watched, perhaps one of the largest, bicycles in contemporary history.
[00:09:23] Go on. tell the audience what you took away from this debacle. that our country is in a really precarious position with no leadership. And nobody really cares about the debate. Nobody, everybody knew that the debate was not going to change any voter's minds. those who support 45. Regardless of the debate are going to support 45.
[00:09:53] Those who don't support 45 [00:09:57] we'll vote for Biden or write in a candidate or anything. The people that haven't made up their minds yet still haven't made up their minds yet. but if those people who watched 40 fives performance last night, In his total disrespect for the whole concept of debate in a way he just talked over Chris Wallace.
[00:10:24]certainly if I was Biden, I would say I'm not gonna do a second debate with this fucking maniac unless the moderator has the ability to turn his microphone off. Trump never stopped talking. Excuse me, for saying that name in vain 45, never stopped talking. I'll be sure to edit that out. It just, yeah, please do it.
[00:10:49] It was, and here's regardless of your political stance, regardless of who you support and who you, don't the rest of the world that watched the president speak. And like he did last night. I have to tell you there is no country except maybe North Korea that has any respect for the United States at all.
[00:11:16] It was disgusting, to say the least, anyway enough about that. What's interesting is the fact that. I am not surprised by the behavior that you're telling me. So how did that become the norm in the first place? That's a good question. How, 30, 40% of our population could feel that fat orange, re reality television star.
[00:11:53]could be a leader in a leader for the working guy. When this guy has never worked a day in his life. his dad gave him millions to start a business with his businesses, six different occasions of his incredible business acumen. He had to file bankruptcy for six of his businesses in the year, 2016 and 2017.
[00:12:17] He paid a total of $1,500 of income tax, federal income tax. Okay. $750 seminar and $50 in 2016, $750 in 2017. Yes, everybody takes advantage. Of the tax code when he stands there and tells the working people, the people that probably are gonna get evicted from their homes next month, because of the pandemic that he thinks China sent us the plague and he has no responsibility.
[00:12:51] He has no responsibility for the plague. He has a hundred percent responsibility for how he has led the country through the plague or the China flu or the Kung flu as he calls it. I don't and just baffled by people of reasonable intelligence that think he brings anything to the table. He's brought [00:13:16] nothing to the table.
[00:13:17] He's just made a mockery of our democracy. So Larry, can I ask you this? I'm sure this probably never even came across your mind because it might just come off as just benign. But do you think you have, do you think you're jealous of 45? Do you wish you were in his place? Know that he could get away with so much?
[00:13:41] No, not at all. Not in a New York minute. He's the most disgusting human being then I think I've ever known of. I, fortunately, don't know the man, I just know of him obviously is those that don't know him to know of him, but when our highest military leaders know, speak of the man, as they speak of the man and have to resign because they can't put up with his bullshit.
[00:14:13] Because he won't listen to the generals. He won't listen to the scientist. he listens to himself cause he's the smartest guy around, these are the richest guy rings. He's the most successful guy around, according to him and 30 or 40% of the American population. But it's definitely interesting is that outlook that he has.
[00:14:39] Look, what was it? Ghanim I'm sorry. The outlook that 45 has from where he was at to where he is now. fucking president of the United States. Yeah. that perception definitely got him somewhere. I think there's a couple of things that got him to where he was. that got him to where he was, but got him elected.
[00:15:05] One, the traditional Republicans, they wanted overturn turn Roe versus Wade. and they want to make sure that they can in, the affordable healthcare act. So in order to do that, they need to put forth somebody that can get elected. Somebody that's totally different than them. then the political, the old political shit.
[00:15:33] And, knowing that he'll have at least one, if not three Supreme court justice appointees during four to eight years in office. So they knew he was so different than 30 to 40% of the imbeciles in the United States. and I really, at this point I have to call them imbeciles because. No person that, has a higher, critical thinking process than an imbecile would vote for him.
[00:16:03] This term, they may have vote voted for him the last term, but not this term, not actually really how he is as a president. The more despicable as a president and that he was as a candidate. so the short answer, I think, is the Republicans needed somebody that was so different. to the political neighborhood in political protocol and just basic respect of your fellow human, [00:16:35] that it would be a change after eight years of Obama.
[00:16:43] Who Trump-led, the fight that Obama wasn't born in the United States before he was ever involved in politics. if you look at Trump's history, he has, he's never done anything. his dad loaned the millions, he blew the millions, he made 400 and some odd million dollars as the host on the apprentice.
[00:17:08] Yet from the years, 2000, 2000, I want to say 12. I might be off a couple of years through 2016. He paid no federal income taxes. In fact, he received a $73 million refund. Okay, because of his businesses failed so much, his businesses didn't make money. Otherwise, he wouldn't have got out a refund. His businesses continued to lose money year after year and federal income tax.
[00:17:41] And you don't have to answer this, but how much in federal income tax, do you remember the pain in the last five years? Just an average, tell you more than likely it's more than $750. Yes. Yeah. I'm just guessing it doesn't matter. I'm just guessing. Cause fucking teachers that bust their ass and make $32,000 or whatever the fuck they make, they pay five, six, $7,000 in federal income taxes.
[00:18:15] Warren buffet pays a lot in federal income tax proportionally, not as he should. And he's admitted that us billionaires, we don't pay our fair share. But nobody pays as little as 45 and he's working for the working guy. He loves law enforcement. He loves the military really, but he won't spend any money to support him any money out of his own pocket, because he's smart by paying as little income tax as possible.
[00:18:47] And that may or may not be correct, but as leader of the country, To say, yes. Take advantage of every law, minimize the amount of income taxes you pay, and let's see how strong the federal government really is. Let's see how much money is left over to pay the military or pay for law enforcement or to pay for public education.
[00:19:09] Where does he think that money comes from? Does he think China pays it in a way of tariffs because he believes China pays tariffs on his crazy fucking. Trey bill. Okay. let's zoom out real quick. First off. I have, I got some questions, role versus weight. What the fuck is that? And you're telling me 30 to 50, 40% of these imbeciles that voted for him.
[00:19:36]we might be looking at a higher percentage from what you're telling me. And then three, where is this money going? is there a bigger picture that you didn't look at because you're that you're letting your emotions from his past experiences? Affect you the way I [00:19:54] see somebody is what are they doing now?
[00:19:56] Is he taken this money? And is he applying it to this huge fucking debt that we have? He's created the largest deficit in the history of our country. So I'm guessing the answer to that question is no. Secondly, what I'll tell you is I don't look at his past. I don't need to look at what he's doing today. Last night.
[00:20:19] When asked specifically by Chris Wallace, will you condemn white supremacy? He asked him three times and he refused to do it. So if he's in favor of white supremacy, he wipes out any. Good which he hasn't done any good. He thinks he created the strongest. Me ever. first of all, he inherited that strong climbing economy.
[00:20:48] Secondly, you and I, I don't know about you, but the working guy. Doesn't really give a shit about the stock market. It doesn't pay his grocery bill or his rent. And if he has a 401k, it's meaningless in the scope of things, he has no control over the stock market. Only institutional investors.
[00:21:09] Do you know? Your first question was I forgot cause I didn't address that. And that was a very good question. Roe versus Wade. So many years ago, there was a lady that wanted to have an abortion and found out, it was against the law. And so the short wrap up is road Roe versus Wade enabled.
[00:21:35] Pro-choice throughout the country for the Supreme court said, yeah, let's see. The womb is inside of the woman's body in the embryos inside of the woman's womb, who should really have the choice, what to do with it within certain parameters. Like during the first trimester of the pregnancy, it's okay to have an abortion if this there's some, this takes place.
[00:22:06] Okay. So the conservative Republicans feel that a woman should not have Oh, governance over her own body like you and I do. Okay. We can do anything we want with our bodies. Yes. Women. Can't. Yeah, Roe versus Wade is overturned. And that's what they're trying to do. Sure. Abortion is a huge issue. That's the only reason I believe the evangelicals support Trump is because they're pro-life what the fuck evangelicals sound like a cult.
[00:22:45] It's a religious group. I'm not gonna it. Sure. Sounds like a call. Just even the name of it. that's for everybody to determine on their own, it's a group of Christians, just like Protestants and Catholics and yeah. It's just one of another group. some say perhaps radical.
[00:23:06] I don't necessarily, but they, again, when you look at Trump, oops [00:23:13] shoot. When you look at 45 and, The things he says, when he was caught on live Mike in 2016, talking to some entertainment talk show host on the back of a bus and says, yeah, when you're famous, you can do anything you want with these women.
[00:23:31] You can even grab them by their pussies. that's, it's not me. that was his voice on no, this is what is now the president the United States said the year he was elected. Or, that his first campaign year, 2016, there, that once a year, I guess he was elected. Yes. so when he talks like that, when he won't put down white supremacy, when he won't condemn white supremacy, how Christian, is that.
[00:24:00] You know how Christian like Izzy. So how, the only way an evangelical or a person that believes in God when he did that photo op, Greg, when he did that photo up in front of the st. John's church in Washington, DC the Bible that he grabbed, he held upside down. He's never held a Bible in his hand, other than put his hand on top of it.
[00:24:26] When he was sworn into office, he was holding the Bible, upset they out in one of the reporters said, Mr. President, is that your Bible? And he looked at it and he goes, it's a Bible. Of course, it's not his Bible. First of all, he doesn't read. He just watches television. Is that an opinion or a fact did, do you know for a hundred percent, he doesn't read.
[00:24:49] Well children's books. there are multiple kinds of books that he's not a reader. Let me put it that way. most presidents of the United States, most leaders read a bunch of shit every day. He won't even read. He doesn't even read his daily briefing. Do you think he read tax law because that's what he did.
[00:25:14] He might've read a yellow page ad. I don't know if you know what yellow pages are. Oh, no, I definitely do. Okay. So he found an attorney in yellow pages, a shyster attorney that, would make sure he gets the most taxes, pays the least taxes, that's what he did. No, he's so bad of a businessman.
[00:25:34] How bad of a businessman are you ask? I know that's a question in the back of your head. He couldn't make, he couldn't make a casino, make money. How can a casino go bankrupt? He was probably skimming money every night. That's the only way. Oh my God. Second-grader could make money in a casino, And he's a great businessman, please.
[00:25:57] Mr. Smearing ever the art of the deal here come to my university. I'll show you how to fuck people. That's what I do. I don't want to read any of that nonsense. I, at anything that's just attached to just biases. that's nasty media attention. It's a fact, Greg, a fact is. bankruptcies are public notice.
[00:26:21]you can go see any bankruptcy you want. These are real. His is an Atlantic City casino. The Taj Mahal [00:26:32] went bankrupt. He bankrupted it. And so all the working guys that helped build and remodel that the guys like you and me. That sends them an invoice and expect to get paid. When he got all those, he goes, fuck, I'm not going to pay these guys.
[00:26:49] I'm going to take advantage of the federal bankruptcy law and fuck them out of their money. So I don't have to give up any of the money that I've skimmed and put in my pocket. Then it's six times Abraham Lincoln. Didn't do it six times. I think he only went bankrupt three times. if you had asked me, I would have said five because $5 bill and he never put himself up as a big businessman either.
[00:27:18]no, but definitely a great leader. Definitely a great leader, but to put men like Abraham Lincoln in the same fucking universe as 45. Oh my God. What a disservice. It pays. To those types of leaders. Yes. you brought up good points on just information that I'm not aware of about this individual said individual that we're going through.
[00:27:46] And it makes me want to share with my listener with our listeners here, as far as the information that I have that can help you guys docs, government individuals. I have over 50. Different resources that you can apply, that you can try back down and find out information that is open to the general public about a government figure.
[00:28:13] And I'm trying to locate that now in my notes, wherever I put it, you should see how many fucking folders on folders of shit. I have. it's outrageous and I love it. There you are. Boom. I'm pulling that up right now. So that's going to be helpful for everybody. Yes, I have. No, I'm not leaning towards being pro or against with who we're talking about.
[00:28:41] Honestly, I'm completely dissociative towards this experience right now about this individual, because of the way. Society is gravitating towards it is an acceptable one. It's not acceptable how we look at our political system and how things are going. It's just fucking unacceptable. But by getting mad, what is that going to do about it?
[00:29:06] All I know is I have to control my outlook. And that's what we all need to be doing is controlling that, not letting our emotions, because then that gives those individuals more power. We need to be focusing our attention on the smaller figures. And when I say that, the. The mayors, the chief of police, those people, we need to apply our efforts towards those people who take office at that level.
[00:29:30] And then if we put the right people at that level in, then it will start to climb with the people who are going to be in charge. But then that's an excellent point and you are 100% correct. and again, I certainly, Yeah, I'm emotional about it [00:29:51] because after being on this planet for 70 years and, having lived through, I don't know, seven or eight, nine presidents.
[00:30:00] Yes. real leaders, even the ones I didn't like, it doesn't matter whether I like them or not. If you've got a good leader, that doesn't mean everybody likes them. Nobody cares if you like them or not. But again, like we had a discussion, I dunno, a few episodes. You get, go about the qualities of a leader. Yes.
[00:30:20] And of the top five or 10 qualities of a leader, regardless of what source you use, 45 might hit one or two, but that's it. So at best, maybe 20% of those, five or 10 qualities eristics of abode leader. and especially if you compare what the military looks at, as far as leadership. Two, two 45.
[00:30:47]again, it's despicable. It's despicable that our commander achieved in the commander in chief lacks those leadership qualities. That actually is the boss of the highest-ranking military. He sits above them in the hierarchy yet he had a doctor fate, his bone spurs, so he could Dodge the draft and Vietnam.
[00:31:12] And yet he's called peep pow and McCain and people that lost their lives in serving their country losers. That's a fact it's, they've got him on tape and those guys are losers. And of course, he said that during the election of 2016, relative to McCain, he was a lost cause he was captured and spent I think, six years as a pow in Vietnam in a fucking bamboo cage.
[00:31:41] He's a leader or a loser according to 45. That's the guy who is the boss of all the military. there's some real irony. Yes. You definitely found one of my soft spots, Larry that's for sure. I'm trying to, I'm just the some of these facts I share with you are laced in my emotion, right?
[00:32:05] A hundred percent they're laced in my bias, 100%. At the bottom, are those facts in you can't dispute them? they are what they are, how you perceive them, and what they mean to you. that's all personal. I get that. But what you said is absolutely correct. Number one, one, we have to be involved at the local level, and then that's how you build your coalitions all the way up to two federal, but more important, or the foundation of that.
[00:32:38] Is voting? Yes. Okay. I voted in person, absentee voting is what I did. So I went down to the election board and stood in line with many other people. so that I know my vote was cast and will be counted. how do we get first off? How do we get a call to action to vote? Because right now, I don't want to, because I know that my vote's going to go to some fucking lender and then he's going to make the decision.
[00:33:07] So I know my fucking vote doesn't even matter, [00:33:10] but it does. Every vote matters, especially today, especially in this election, every vote matters. Explain it to me. And then the other people that have a similar mindset to mine. And I know there's many that have that mindset and part of keeping in mind. Part of that mindset has been created by 45.
[00:33:31] He doesn't want some of these undecided people to vote. all he needs is his 30 or 40%, he didn't win the popular election last year. The election. And regardless of what happens this time, he's not going to have any more of the popular election than he did last night. But his 30 to 40% of the population that actually voted for him happens to be strategically located in the right States, relative to the electoral college.
[00:34:00] And that's ultimately who will determine who the president is, but those are the that's why the grass root. The grassroots in that's where you can designate, vote for the people that are going to represent you in your locale, if you will, in the electoral college voting for the president. But also remember when you're voting, when you talk about getting involved with your mayor and the police chief, the only way you can have any input there if you don't run yourself is to vote at the local.
[00:34:36] Elections, and then you'll want to support the States and then you'll want to support ultimately what happens in the federal government. But you're, that's what our democracy, what democracy in general, but certainly, our democracy is founded on that. We each get one vote, and it's, we've been doing a 250 years.
[00:34:56] We're still not there. We still don't have perfection. We never will. that's the challenge of a democracy like ours and there isn't another democracy like ours in the world. England is a parliament, but the parliamentary government as is Japan, Germany, and France and Canada. Okay. they, their democracy is not built like ours.
[00:35:21] There's not that three tiers of government. and. The most critical part of any democracy though is each individual voting. That's the only way your voice can be heard. we can yell and scream at the top of her lungs on top of the Sears tower or empire state building or wherever. But the, see the problem though, is that we see all these fucking commercials media about this person is this way that person's that way.
[00:35:53] What you told me about last night, it's sounds like a shit show. And if that's what the media has played, why the fuck do I care about who takes off? Cause. Who is the bad individual, the person that's trying to make the person mad or the person that said to be bad because right now, man, yeah, bad people are bad?
[00:36:15] So that at this point I don't know who to even look at other than I can. I just want to work on myself and not focus on these fucking individuals in that important thing. our self-care, there's no question about it, [00:36:29] once you start moving up, Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
[00:36:34] Okay. And you get above shelter and you get, above taking care of yourself. When you get to South fact self-actualization. Huh? Yes. I agree. So you get up there and that's all there are these esoteric things like our democracy, our country taking care of you're really our job. I believe as individuals, as human beings, cause I am semi-spiritual is to take care of our neighbor, take care of our brother, especially take care of those that can't take care of themselves.
[00:37:10]but first of all, we have to take care of herself. First. This is charity begins at home, self-care begins with self. If you're not, if you're not comfortable within yourself, you can't help anybody else. And when you look at 45, and if you were to figure out one, wonder what narcissism is.
[00:37:29]this look at 45, so he's got severe. Issues with himself. He's a little inferior, scared individual. His father probably created that within him. So what he does is he comes out like a big fucking bully, and he dies skin orange and has fucking spent $70,000 on haircuts. This term, $70,000 on haircuts.
[00:37:54] And you're worried about thinning hair. Talk to him, use his hairdresser. cause I'm sure the tax not for you will enable you to afford a $70,000 hairstylist in a coma. Like you can't believe it. No,
[00:38:14] but here's the scary thing. It's real. Yes. I didn't pull that $70,000 out of my house. That's what he spent on a hairdresser. So Larry, so let's well, let's zoom out. Let's rewind. Let's do act two. How can we help our listeners identify and get through all this marketing bullshit and learn who these people are?
[00:38:36] They really are. I have. 50 sources of information that's been provided from other sources, which I will link all these sources into the serve notes, but I wanted to go over it and read them out with you and see what you think and what you understand about each source. So the first source right here, I have the Flog.
[00:38:58]I'm going to assume federal office. Institution association. And I don't know, but it's most government agencies keep a log of all their public records requests. Yes. Blogs are sometimes online, but usually, yeah. Have to be requested through the federal or state public records law. And I have the.
[00:39:19] What is this? I have there that the story of it, I have all this description information that you need and links to get more information. The next one is the record retention schedule. Most states and local governments have a document detail on how long they must hold on to documents. The document in turn provides a good window into all the different.
[00:39:43] Types of documents. Each agency produces. I have that. [00:39:48] Next is a master list of forms. Want to know what the data, the info of agency keeps you follow this it's with NASA, all their, a huge. The little hub of files. I have a record layout it's a data dictionary. When information is that agency's database, what do codes mean?
[00:40:10] Those should all be explained in the documentation, which they, I have provided. I have manuals policies and guidelines. I'll this will probably be really good for me to start learning. It's important to know how agencies collect information and what rules to follow, figure that out. It's worth requesting the agency's manuals, which I provided that here, rejected a license plates States keep a list of both the vanity and, license plates that approved and the ones that were rejected.
[00:40:42] I have that, traffic parking tickets, lottery payments, animal control reports, records, roadkill, and wildlife records. I had cell phone bills, text messages. This is interesting. And most state tax messages are public records when related to government businesses. Oh, interesting. Yes. Yeah. These are the resources that you're your listing that you've gathered together.
[00:41:14]w where does that mean? Is there a place where you make these available to your listeners? Cause this is invaluable. Yes. Yes. I will put this on the show notes where everybody can get this. This was what collected information from other sources. So I will link those sources as well. It's going to be a bitch to put it together, but I will make it happen for everybody.
[00:41:37]I can keep going down the list. We have consumer complaint logs, nine one one. records or recordings and transcripts emails to government agencies. Of course they in, this is what Greg, what I believe this, these resources that you're lifting and discussing right now, these are incredible resources.
[00:42:00] These are what you use to verify, confirm, or. You can't verify if it's not verifiable from what media says, if you want to follow up, is that fact or fiction? I already know. We already know all media is biased on one side or the other. Yes, there's. I don't think today you'll find any media. It doesn't have a bias.
[00:42:30] There are some, less than a hand, and full of media that I'm aware of that. Tends to play as hard as they can middle of the road, but you still know who they're owned by or what their leaning is. So even those sources are biased. So when you hear what seems like a fact, you have to verify it. And that's where everything goes.
[00:42:58] Catawampus if you will, that we, most people unless you're a news junkie. Won't take the time to verify anything [00:43:07] that said by their favorite media and everybody has their favorite media because they listened to that most of the time, if not all the time. Cause their media report shit. Like they like to hear it.
[00:43:20] It meets with their thoughts and there, and that is a problem with people that do that because you're only cherry-picking information that supports your own mindset. And that means you have a flawed mindset. You haven't developed self-awareness to challenge the information that's been given to you. And what you're referring to is puttering with information that's being presented in a way to persuade us.
[00:43:51] And that's based on the context and also the wording, the emphasis, the tonality, the delivery, and our own perceptions on what we hear versus what actually was actually said. I just said actually twice now, three times explaining it. It's actually okay. But, I'm going to keep going down the list. I want to make sure I get them all out in the air.
[00:44:13] So we have nothing. where do we go? We have meeting agenda packets for public meetings, browser history. We have calendars. Again, this is all for government thinkers, anything within government purchasing data and or vendors most days, and agencies keep lists multiple lists of the purchases that they make.
[00:44:35] And also a separate list of the approved vendors. government contracts. We have. Payroll records, check registers, records of settlements payments by government employment, a roster of government employers, employment contracts, code enforcement, violation, food, and auction records. Workplace safety records, a capita record of children.
[00:45:05] Who died from it doesn't even tell me, this is just a sad thing to read out there. we have discrimination, employment complaints, internal affairs, FBI files, police incident reports, dash cams, state licensing, school violence, testing, irregularities, and cheating. A list of businesses that received aid reports filed by companies, warn reports I was at.
[00:45:38] Okay. And it just keeps going. Military service, property, water bills, and aircraft and flight records, everything there's a lot of information available to the public and it really, if it's not available online and much of it is that's not available online. There's a protocol on how you go about requesting and receiving it.
[00:45:58] And there are websites that will gather these documents and put them on their website. And they're actual copies of the documents that you would have to take time to go and mail and request. And these people just go ahead and publish it for you on their website. And again, if they're authoritative websites, they're going to have the actual copy of the document.
[00:46:23] They didn't doctor it up. Most people wouldn't dare do [00:46:26] that. That would be a federal crime. If it's a federal document or a state crime, if it was a state document, but they're really about the news, media, and stuff. That's what's really important is to recognize people who just watch one news source.
[00:46:44] Here's the, again, being a news junkie, I watch multiple news sources from the extreme right. News bias, like OAN to extreme left bias, like maybe MSNBC, maybe CNN. CNN is really pretty much is biased, left as foxes bias. But when you watch an identical, when you watch a show on CNN, About a particular event and then watch it on Fox.
[00:47:15] You would think you're actually hearing news of two different events. That's how different it's reported. And that's why you can't just watch your favorite one that makes you feel really good. You got to go over to watch the other side, to see what those people are learning and hearing and believing in somewhere in between.
[00:47:35] The truth may lie. It may not, but generally, somewhere in between the left and the right, in the center or close to the center and close to fat? I sure hope my, microphone is not echoing. That was weird. Did you hear that echo through? No. Okay. Yeah. I just said yes. And then it just echoes yes. Oh, what the fuck?
[00:48:00] Okay. No, I didn't hear anything that I, when I'm on my rants, I can't hear much. Yeah. That's an old person thing. if I turn my ear. Oh, great. Do you really, you got some hearing AIDS in there. Larry. are you going to eventually get some? Yeah, I, I've tried to that.
[00:48:20] I don't like, there's one other one I want to try. Otherwise, I'm just going to keep saying. what say, what did you say? I'm sorry, I can't hear you. Can you speak a little louder? I'm trying to picture you with your girlfriend and when you guys are actually having sex, are you going to take out the hearing AIDS?
[00:48:37] Are you, or will you turn them up so you can hear what's actually going on when you go? No, she's a screamer. I have to take hearing AIDS out, fortunately, we only have sex in my soundproof sound booth. cause I don't want neighbors like calling the police, God, there's something going on.
[00:48:53]the roof shakes, screams, weird animal-like sounds and that's all from me. Yeah. I can't even hear what she does. but no. Yeah. I would keep my hair. If I had to hear any names, I would keep them in. If they're all in the canal, otherwise they'd get foreign off. Yeah, I don't know.
[00:49:17]hopefully somebody will put me down before I get hearing AIDS, Oh my face it's fucking hurting. I haven't smiled like this in awhile. This is definitely something I needed to smile every now and then is do make fun of year, make your inferiority to the inferiority complex. Yeah.
[00:49:40]I, bless my parents. They raised me feeling [00:49:45] confident and sure of myself and part of that may have made me an asshole. I don't know. People have told me I'm an asshole. I just try to, we really do try to be kind and. In all due respect in as large, away as I can. I even try to be kind to 45, but when he keeps slapping you down, it's just really hard to, keep part of the old Testament, says you turn your other cheek.
[00:50:14] In any other part of the old Testament says, yeah, you better grab your staff and go protect yourself and your friends against the enemy. I'm not sure which they want us to do, but when it comes to 45 and it comes to political stuff today, the best way, the only real way. Unless you're you have tons of money.
[00:50:34] The only real way you can have any influence is to be involved from the grassroots level. As you said, start locally, but it requires a vote. Ultimately, like I said, unless you have a lot of money and just, you buy your influence. you have lobbyists that fight for your shit. You.
[00:50:51] Contribute to massive amounts of money. They'd get elected that you want to be elected. so if you can't, if you don't, if you don't have all that kind of money, the only other way you get a real voice is to vote. cause because most of us can't even get a. an op-ed published anywhere. Cause we're not celebrities.
[00:51:14] So it used to be when there were newspapers locally, and people actually read newspapers that, the normal working Joe on the block, could send in an editorial letter to the. Kansas city, star st. Louis dispatch, or, Tuscaloosa, Gazette, whatever, and get their shit published.
[00:51:34] Now, of course, we have the internet so we can all let our opinions be known. But the only opinion that really counts is when you go, I hate to say it. When you go to the polls and cast your vote. No. Ultimately it's worked for 250 years. I'm not saying that's why it should work tomorrow, but if we don't vote, if we don't have the right to vote, you want to live in a country like Russia, where your boat, but it doesn't matter.
[00:52:03] Guess who the president's going to be next year, next election in an authoritative dictatorial government. Did you work for 250 plus years? What do you, what has worked that our system of voting our democracy? Yeah. Which is based on one vote one, man. I don't know if I agree with that. I feel like there's something more to do with the electoral college.
[00:52:28] As far as the system itself. I believe it's flawed. I don't. There's a lot of people that believe that way. And if so, you need to make your voice heard and you start by working at the grass-root level in voting, you can vote, you can actually vote the electoral college out. You can vote, you do get to vote for your electoral representatives, But you have that going for you.
[00:52:54] But again, if in a lot of people say, shouldn't, we actually decide not the electoral college. again, remember when the electoral college was [00:53:04] established, it was way before the internet. It was way before electricity. It was way before the pony express. So when Abraham Lincoln was given a speech in Gettysburg, it'd take you four days to find out about it, In Dodge, city, Kansas.
[00:53:20] So there was just a group of people that kind of followed the campaign around and, we're educated in, could look at the analysis, policy and the people, the populace back then voted for those electoral colleges. Representatives for lack of a better word that they, that their job was to pay attention to what's going on.
[00:53:48] You guys voted for me to represent you in the electoral college and cast my vote, cast our votes based on what the people who elected me want me to do. So there's no more basic thing than a vote. And yes, it's an indirect way to elect the president. and we've seen time after time where the popular vote goes to the president, the presidential candidate that got the popular vote but see an electoral vote.
[00:54:21] That was not an anomaly. when Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes than Trump but lost the election, that's happened several times throughout our history. And that's part of the beauty of our democracy. No, which is what exactly I can put the zone down. again, as it exists today, as it exists today, that there is a tie between the popular vote and the electoral college because in most States we vote for those electoral representatives.
[00:54:54]so that's the tie and the fact that we have term limits for a year term limits. It's only twice as long as a Congressman, they have two-year limits. So the worst-case scenario four years, and you get a referendum, you might not get a new president, but you get a chance at saying, Hey, you're out until, or Turo college has changed until those laws are changed.
[00:55:25] That's what we have to work with. And if we want them changed, Then we need to start at the grassroots level, which does require voting and requires, putting together a movement of people that can get to your state and ultimately federal representatives that can force Mitch McConnell to put a bill forth that we're going to do away with the electoral college.
[00:55:48] And that would take a constitutional amendment, which is very difficult to do. We've only, I think had 27 and 250 years. So what about this? How do we. Cause right now, the mission is to appeal to all the voters out there. How do we get, see what I'm thinking is there a way where we can just to mask this.
[00:56:13] Fucking hard, laughed hard, right? Whatever, these stupid fucking names of these people that we're referring to these groups, how do we [00:56:23] just go down to the very core of each individual and get them to stop looking at everything as a stereotype and start to look at everybody. In a humanistic way. How do we get that?
[00:56:37] And how do we get that to be the benefit for everyone rather than going after whatever the fuck we're going about right now? How do we establish them? that's the big circle, because again, unity, our country was so divided four years ago. it's even worse now, but four years ago we needed.
[00:57:01] A leader that could unify the country from day one 45, hate to keep coming back. But the fact is the fact, if you listen historically to the way 45 has done things, he's never tried. Cause he knows he can't change the people that don't like him. But he's never even attempted to say, Hey, you may not like me.
[00:57:27] You may not like the people that support me, but we got to work together. We're going to work together to get through this thing. He's divided because for me one, he said they, the Democrats, the whole thing that's so terrible about the pandemic are that run by Democrat. Governors and Democrat mayors.
[00:57:50]one of the reasons is because that's where all the population, the biggest portion of our populations are centered in California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Georgia. Yeah. and people are smart, so they elect smart leaders, readers that do read. Readers who don't watch Hannity leaders that don't watch in it.
[00:58:10]they actually get their news from their briefings, from their people every day. people, civil servants that are, everybody has a bias, but civil servants know how to put their bias at the doorstep. When they check into the office, the police officer that's biased against the race. A good one knows how to put his bias in his pocket.
[00:58:32]so he's not going to let that affect his split-second decisions in firing seven shots into the back of somebody, just because they're the race. He doesn't lie. That's what a good cop does. That's what a good leader does is unify learn to put their bias aside in order so that they can do their job.
[00:58:52] Every judge in this country is supposed to be fair and impartial, but every judge in this country has a bias. What they do, judges put their bias in their pocket when they walk upon the bench. So this is a huge thing that you brought up that I'm curious about just to get your opinion and to spread it across our listeners is the fact with law enforcement and what they're facing today, what do you think could solve today's issue with how we perceive law enforcement right now?
[00:59:29]accountability. Yeah. Accountability. Because if we look at the cases we know about, where alleged police brutality or excessive force [00:59:42] may have been used, the problem is it's so much in this country, Greg, in that, lawyers can work in. Negotiate with lawyers because they're all in the same club police officers work with and negotiate with police officers because they're in the same club.
[01:00:01] We all know that if a police officer going 45 and a 35 and pulled over by a police officer and that police officer that was speeding was off duty. And when the officer approaches and says, Hey, can I have your driver's license and insurance? And the dude pulls out his, those things and also his little badge.
[01:00:20] And he goes, huh. Oh, fuck. You're you know, on a precinct 13. Yeah. I noticed, yeah, I didn't listen. you were going a little fast, go on and we'll see you later. The different industries for me, we don't get that. We're not in that club. Yes, that is exactly right. However, I've done four ride alongs and different parts of the US and Colorado Springs in Texas and Missouri, and Kansas.
[01:00:42] And I've asked different police officers, that question and Colorado. Yes, Texas. Yes, Kansas. No, they will fucking write you a ticket. They don't matter because you set the example. So I believe that is just a stereotype in itself to think that's what we think. And then the problem is that if. We

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