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Characteristics of an ethical leader can only be revealed when you have cleared the toxic cloud from covering the pages of your inner story. Join me, Greg Favazza as I wind down the paths of trauma with life coach Elena Perella, who focuses on leadership, parenting, relationships, and life style. We will discover the process of demolition and why toxic family baggage can weigh us down. The growing distaste in today's work culture is evident from The Great Resignation phenomena, and we will discuss further why there needs to be a reborn type of leader in organizations.

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Hybrid workplace model : Gregory Favazza Communication skills of today are in flux, we record our meetings on Zoom, we have dropped calls in our interviews, we have the baby and the dog in the background. I'm your host Gregory Favazza, and I'm here to say that it's refreshing to experience these everyday life events, if only serving to help keep you and I accountable in every interaction and stop hiding behind our made up personas that used to rule the workforce. Make a one-time donation at Creator Spotlight: Macbook Air Pro that I purchased, you can get yours on Amazon: For all social and support links visit my linktree: Linktree:

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Published on Feb 16, 2022 in Social Sciences
US English


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