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Today, I’m talking to Laura Elizabeth. She co-hosts the Non-Tech Founders podcast and runs several products as a non-technical founder. We talk about outsourcing, trust, and building an audience around your business. Here’s Laura!

00:00:00 Laura Elizabeth

00:02:10 Running a non-technical founder podcast

00:09:28 Hiring the right people

00:12:14 Hiring people who can do something you can't

00:17:27 Being able to do everything is both awesome and frightening 

00:20:13 Experimenting with different modes of delegating

00:25:45 Establishing an internal process for your business

00:30:00 On Phrasing

00:36:30 The importance of having a mentor

00:42:04 Providing the fertile ground for luck to strike

00:45:04 The hardest part is overcoming your inner demon

00:52:56 Why it's good to have an expert for website personalization

00:56:33 Where you can follow Laura

- Building Software Products As a Non-Technical Founder With Laura Elizabeth
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- Zero to Sold & The Embedded Entrepreneur, my books on entrepreneurship

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Published on Jan 25, 2023 in Entrepreneurship
US English


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