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Justin Jackson has been successfully bootstrapping Transistor.fm with a small team throughout the ups and downs of a shifting economy. He even rejected massive clients to be able to keep running a calm and self-funded business. Find out just how important it is to stay independent, resilient, and nimble, and what building on open standards has to do with that.

00:00:00 Justin Jackson

00:01:24 The world of ideas

00:10:32 Understanding the context of advice.

00:15:58 The importance of attribution

00:20:49 What’s the most important metric?

00:25:29 What’s your company for?

00:29:56 Having a team that can execute at the highest level

00:35:34 The repercussions of decisions

00:40:41 Simple things are more resilient than complicated things

00:45:26 Platform risk

00:51:22 The problem with centralized discoverability

01:00:53 The importance of open standards

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Published on Mar 22, 2023 in Business
US English


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