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Ever found yourself stepping into a role that you never expected you'd be in? That’s what my guest, Brian Sierakowski, did when he took over as CEO of Bearmetrics, a company that he had not founded, but was handed over to him after an acquisition by a private equity firm. Entering an existing team, dealing with the weight of expectations, and managing an already functioning business with its own culture and values, Brian's journey is a roller coaster of challenges and learnings that he’s eager to share with you today.

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  • (00:00) - From Indie Hacking to Acquired Businesses
  • (06:39) - Taking Over an Acquired Business Challenges
  • (12:09) - Improvements and Changes in the Business
  • (26:14) - Cancelling Subscriptions and Learning From Feedback
  • (34:33) - Managing Expectations in Public Settings
  • (42:24) - Career Transition Options and Considerations
  • (53:27) - Dual Perspective in Building a Business
  • (01:05:23) - Selling Your Business

Published on Aug 02, 2023 in Entrepreneurship
US English


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