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I finally got to talk to Amanda Goetz, a marketer-turned-full-time-creator, who's generously poured out her wisdom on navigating the creator economy. Amanda's journey from corporate life to the creator economy is filled with valuable lessons about embracing awkward self-promotion, overcoming 'Cringe Valley', and the journey of (maybe?) writing a book. This conversation is a must-listen for anyone looking to carve out a calm niche in a world full of "hustle culture," or just for those curious about the behind-the-scenes of a first-time author getting into book publishing.

I didn't set out to chat about writing books, but it was too exciting an opportunity: Amanda announced that she's writing a book! Amanda has walked the tightrope of maintaining authenticity while engaging with the book publishing industry's commercial demands, and she shares this experience with us. We get into the nitty-gritty of dealing with Imposter Syndrome, understanding the angle publishers are looking for, and using hype effectively. It's a deep-dive into the business side of books, the choices of self-publishing or seeking an agent, and the journey towards finding validation in our creative endeavors.

But it's not all hustle and bustle; we also touch on the vital importance of rest and self-care in our lives. Amanda talks about how crucial it is for creators to set boundaries on social media, carefully choosing what aspects of their lives to share. We learn about the balance between sharing personal and private moments, with invaluable insights from Amanda's own experience, including the trauma of a social media hack and the importance of diversifying platforms. So, tune in for a candid, comprehensive, and genuinely helpful discussion on thriving in the creator economy.

Amanda on Twitter: http://twitter.com/AmandaMGoetz
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Amanda's Instagram: http://instagram.com/goetzam

00:00:01 Finding Balance in the Creator Economy
00:11:45 Exploring Niche Markets and Writing Books
00:17:40 Imposter Syndrome in the Publishing Business
00:25:28 The Importance of Rest and Self
00:41:02 Boundaries and Authenticity on Social Media
00:49:07 Creator's Social Media Hack Lessons

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  • (00:01) - Finding Balance in the Creator Economy
  • (11:45) - Exploring Niche Markets and Writing Books
  • (17:40) - Imposter Syndrome in the Publishing Business
  • (25:28) - The Importance of Rest and Self-Care
  • (41:02) - Boundaries and Authenticity on Social Media
  • (49:07) - Creator's Social Media Hack Lessons

Published on Sep 13, 2023 in Business
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