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Getting started often brings valuable lessons that shape our paths in life; my chat with Erica Schneider, an expert in building authentic personal platforms, is a testament to this. We navigated the terrain of creating an authentic personal brand, focusing on the courage it takes to do so and the power of authenticity in the digital realm. Erica's journey from persona to person, the struggles with online negativity, and her triumphant return to authenticity offer profound insights for anyone aspiring to cultivate a genuine online presence.

We dove into the fascinating world of audience building, stressing the importance of resilience amidst criticism. With Erica’s rich wisdom on the subject, we discussed practical strategies to engage audiences and maintain personal authenticity online. Erica’s knack for writing shone through as we discussed how well-crafted words can create connections and open doors.

Erica on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ericasmyname/

00:00:00 Building an Authentic Personal Platform
00:09:50 Authenticity Journey and Tackling Trolls
00:17:08 Building an Audience Through Writing
00:26:46 Social Media
00:33:13 Authentic Online Platforms
00:40:58 Planning a Cohort and Future Learnings
00:52:00 Writing Insights

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  • (00:00) - Building an Authentic Personal Platform
  • (09:50) - Authenticity Journey and Tackling Trolls
  • (17:08) - Building an Audience Through Writing
  • (26:46) - Social Media
  • (33:13) - Authentic Online Platforms
  • (40:58) - Planning a Cohort and Future Learnings
  • (52:00) - Writing Insights

Published on Sep 20, 2023 in Entrepreneurship
US English


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