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Geoff Roberts (@GeoffTRoberts) is the co-founder of Outseta, and he's halfway there, 7 years in. Outseta —the SaaS starter kit and the business behind it— is built and operated on a multi-decade timeline, and it's not been easy to achieve profitability. Geoff shares the ups and downs of a long and painful story; what it means to think and operate both in the here and now as well as focusing on the birds-eye view when it comes to bootstrapping a SaaS business.

We also dive into Outseta's choose-your-won adventure compensation model: a full-time salary of $210,000 for everyone with massive flexibility and choice.

Enjoy this conversation with a veteran of self-funded software.

00:00:00 Building a Platform for SaaS Businesses
00:11:39 The Journey of Building Outsetta
00:17:47 Founding Team Alignment and Bootstrapping
00:26:01 Revolutionizing Compensation and Company Culture

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Published on Jun 26, 2024 in Business
US English


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