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This week, your host Louis Nicholls is joined by James Urie. And this episode is a bit different, because James isn’t a founder - he’s actually a full time salesperson.

But what made me even more excited for this episode is that James isn’t just any salesperson, he does sales at a SaaS company called Close, where he actually sells sales software to other sales teams!

So we’re going to get amazing insights into how a professional thinks about doing sales, advice on how and when to set up your CRM, and some awesome tips on using text messages to increase conversions.

You can find James on LinkedIn, shoot him an email at sales@close.com , and check out the awesome Close blog for tons of sales advice. 

And don't forget - the new Sales for Founders course launches in just a few weeks! 

So if you're thinking about learning enough sales to get from 0 to $10k in MRR, make sure to get your name on the waitlist for an earlybird discount...

Published on Oct 30, 2019 in Entrepreneurship
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