Billion Dollar Creator

By Nathan Barry



Attention is power and creators harness it better than anyone else. But they’re not using that attention to create the biggest impact possible and are vastly under monetized. Host’s Rachel Rodgers and Nathan Barry believe you can be a Billion Dollar Creator. Sounds impossible? Over the last 10 years they’ve followed each other on their quests to build billion dollar companies. They’ve studied creators and seen how entrepreneurs build traditional audiences and use them as a launching pad for a massive business. And it got them thinking – if it can happen for them, it can happen for us. And if it can happen for us, then why not you? Billion Dollar Creator is a show teaching creators how to capture attention and turn it into real wealth. They'll deep dive into brands, celebrities, and entrepreneurs who have done it before and show you how you can apply it to your business as an everyday creator. Join them weekly as they learn from both the wild successes and the missed opportunities, the grand gestures and the integral mistakes, and through that help you become an expert at building your audience on your journey as a Billion Dollar Creator.


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